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CAS No. 15307-86-5
Aceclofenac Impurity A
CAS No.139272-67-6
Aceclofenac ethyl ester; Aceclofenac Impurity E
CAS No.100499-89-6
Aceclofenac benzyl ester; Aceclofenac Impurity F (EP)
CAS No.1215709-75-3
Acetic aceclofenac; Aceclofenac Impurity G (EP)
CAS No.5393-55-5
Acetazolamide Impurity B
CAS No.158747-10-5
(4-Methylamino)cyclohexanone 2,2-dimethyltrimethylene ketal hydrochloride
CAS No.128-13-2
Chenodeoxycholic acid EP Impurity A
CAS No.4651-67-6
Ursodeoxycholic acid EP Impurity F
CAS No.10538-55-3
Ursodeoxycholic acid EP Impurity G
CAS No.1159977-56-6
3-Oxo Ziprasidone; Ziprasidone EP Impurity B
CAS No.1159977-64-6
Ziprasidone Open Ring Impurity; Ziprasidone EP Impurity C
  Our rich experience in handling various chemistries over the years and our technically adept scientists have created a niche for us..  
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  Our Custom synthesis and Fine Chemicals Manufacturing Capabilities range from milligram to tonnage scale and involve...  
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Participated in Analytica Anacon: 6th -8th September, Hyderabad, Hall 1 D9.
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